NC Trooper Proved Wrong in $1.5M Truck Accident Settlement

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truck accident settlementBrent Adams & Associates represented a family who lost their father in a head-on North Carolina truck accident. The circumstances of the collision, like most accidents, were documented in a police report. This particular accident involved a report prepared by a North Carolina highway trooper. The initial report stated that the victims crossed the center line and entered the path of the oncoming truck. However, this did not match the actual circumstances. 

Our truck accident attorneys retained a team of accident reconstruction experts to analyze the accident evidence. Upon further investigation, the specialists presented proof that the truck accident victim had not in fact crossed the center line and that the truck driver was guilty of this action. Thereafter, the North Carolina Highway Patrol issued a corrected accident report reflecting that the truck driver crossed the center line.

Using the corrected report, our truck accident attorneys conducted a series of negotiations on behalf of the surviving family members. Our attorneys reached an out-of-court settlement of $1,500,000 for the family, avoiding a lengthy and often expensive trial.