Jury Returns $15M Verdict for Motorcycle Rider With Brain Damage

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Although not a motorcycle injury settlement in North Carolina, a federal jury in Illinois awarded a South Carolina woman $15 million dollars against Goodyear Dunlap Tires North America because of a defective tire on the motorcycle she was riding which caused an accident that left her with severe brain damage. The victim, Trish McCloud was riding back to her home from a bike rally in St. Louis when the defective tire on her motorcycle deflated and she lost control of her motorcycle and crashed. Although she was wearing a helmet at the time of the collision, her head struck the pavement so hard that it caused severe brain damage. Because of these injuries, Mrs. McCloud is partially paralyzed and requires around-the-clock care. The jury verdict was broken down as follows: $1.5 million for disfigurement; $4.89 million for pain and suffering; $4.89 million for loss of enjoyment of life; and approximately $3.8 million for past and future medical expenses.