Zebulon Car Crash: Recovering From Injuries

The car was not completely out of the traffic lane and it was rear-ended by another vehicle. Another driver collided with the second vehicle, causing a vehicle fire and explosion that killed the Sanford driver in the second vehicle and seriously injured three of his passengers.


Zebulon Car Crash DWI Charges


Raleigh personal injury attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates represent innocent victims of accidents like this Zebulon car crash. Injury claims in NC are even more complicated when multiple vehicles are involved. Authorities report that the first two vehicles did not have their headlights on and the accident took place in the dark hours just after 3AM. In situations like this, our Raleigh personal injury attorneys assess every negligent act involved to create the strongest case possible for our injured client. For example, the two surviving drivers of the Zebulon car crash are being targeted for DWI charges.


NC Car Accident Victims’ Cost to Recover


Injury claims in NC may take months or years to be paid out to victims. Some of the passengers in this Wake County car accident experienced severe life-threatening injuries after being thrown from the vehicles. During recovery time, the NC car accident victims, like those injured in the Zebulon car crash above, experience physical, financial and emotional stress caused by the accident trauma. Healing at hospitals and at home prevents victims from returning to work right away, which causes them to lose income. The cost of hospital care and at-home medical treatments can quickly balloon into amounts that could financially devastate an individual or family.


Raleigh Personal Injury Attorneys


When someone is recovering from injuries from an accident that was no fault of their own, the negligent party must be held responsible. Our Raleigh personal injury attorneys represent people injured in accidents that were caused by someone else’s carelessness. Don’t wait to file an injury claim in NC. If someone you love is hurt and unable to contact an injury attorney to discuss their case, contact our office to gather the information for them for free. Our Raleigh personal injury attorneys meet with clients in hospitals and will even come to their home while they’re recovering.

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