Your Workplace is Making You Sick: Filing NC Workers’ Comp

What if your workplace is making you sick? If you work in an environment that exposes you to hazardous chemicals or your employer is not providing the right safety equipment to keep you safe around toxic fumes, long-term exposure could have permanent effects on your health.


Workplace illnesses are compensable under the Workers’ Comp Act and workers who have an illness caused by their job have the legal right to file a workers’ compensation claim through a NC workers’ compensation lawyer. Workers are compensated for occupational diseases if they show there was direct exposure to damaging environmental factors at the place of work that resulted in the disease. The evidence needs to show that employees in the particular workplace are at a higher risk of injury or illness than what the public is exposed to.


There are financial and medical benefits available through workers’ comp coverage; however they do have their limits. Weekly wage caps are in place and vary yearly. If you’re concerned about how much your workers’ comp claim will compensate you, schedule a free consultation with a Raleigh workers’ comp lawyer at Brent Adams & Associates. To make sure your NC workplace illness case is as strong as possible, make sure you have the below documents (if available):


  • Medical records with doctor notes referring to injuries caused by a hazardous workplace
  • Photographs of the work environment
  • Copies of maintenance reports
  • Contact information of other employees who are suffering health problems caused by the work environment
  • All correspondence from your employer regarding workplace safety and your illness


If your illness seriously disables you and will affect your employment capabilities for a long time, your best option in the workers comp claim application process is to retain a Raleigh workers’ compensation attorney who successfully helps NC workers who have been injured at work. Brent Adams & Associates offers a dedicated team of paralegals who support workers’ comp lawyers in Raleigh on mediations, hearings, workers’ comp denials and more. Start receiving the benefits you deserve by learning more at 800.849.5931.

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