Youngsville Tractor-Trailer Crash

Typically, NC tractor-trailer crashes are caused by negligent drivers or poor vehicle maintenance. A Youngsville tractor-trailer crash was actually caused by the driver of a sedan who carelessly drove through a red light.


Sandra Hewitt died when her car was hit by a tractor-trailer just after she kept driving through a light that was still red after she had stopped at it. When she pulled out into the intersection in Youngsville, the collision caused the tractor-trailer to flip over and injured the truck driver.


Brent Adams & Associates truck accident lawyers in Raleigh, Fayetteville and Dunn usually represent innocent everyday citizens who are the victim of NC tractor-trailer crashes. Although reports are still being filed, as of now the truck driver was obeying all traffic laws and driving an appropriate speed, which means Hewitt’s negligent driving caused the truck driver’s injuries. The truck driver has the option of receiving coverage for any medical treatments associated with his injuries through Hewitt’s insurance policy, however in the case that Hewitt was an uninsured driver, the truck driver can file a claim with his employer’s truck insurance Uninsured Motorists Insurance (UMI) coverage to pay for the costs required to treat the injuries and cover damage to the truck and any materials the truck was carrying.

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