You May Be at Risk of Injury After Your Accident

faulty car repairsFaulty collision repair work could put you, passengers in your vehicle, and other drivers on the road at risk for injuries. When vehicles are repaired correctly after a car accident they have to meet special safety and quality standards. Proper repair work does not include damaged parts reclaimed from other accidents; parts must satisfy industry repair requirements.

If your vehicle is able to be repaired after a North Carolina car accident, the insurance of the at-fault driver and/or your insurance (if you had collision coverage) will be used to cover and supplement, respectively, the cost of repairs. When your vehicle is returned to you it may look brand new, but there may be problems with the structure or engine (depending on where impact occurred) that the repair technicians did not address properly.

In some faulty collision repair cases the physical damage is completely removed from the vehicle's appearance, but after a simple inspection it is discovered that either no significant repairs were completed or the repairs were negligently made. In these instances, the repair charges reflect work that was never even done. This means the insurance companies lose money by paying for repairs that were not made, the vehicle owner is driving a car that is potentially unsafe, and other innocent people on the road may be at risk should the vehicle fail to perform properly as a result of the negligent repairs.

When you choose a collision repair shop in North Carolina, make sure you:

  • Check the auto repair shop's history
  • Get estimates from multiple repair shops in addition to your insurance adjustor
  • Find collision inspectors to inspect your vehicle after the repairs are complete to ensure they were done correctly

If you discover your car was negligently repaired, you will need to file a new and separate claim, which our car accident and insurance dispute lawyers in Raleigh can help you start, negotiate and settle. Learn more about what items auto insurance covers when it comes to car repairs and paint.

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