The wife of a deceased man has filed suit against doctors at Saint Anthony’s Health Center and Barnes-Jewish Hospital for the fatal personal injuries they caused her husband after allegedly leaving a drainage pipe in his abdomen.


Mary McDonough filed suit in Illinois’ Madison County Circuit Court on February 25 against the health center, Dr. Smita V. Patil, Dr. Ronald P. Levy, Dr. Nat Levy, and Dr. James Klieforth.


McDonough says that her husband, Carl McDonough, came under the care of the defendants and died on February 26, 2008, after allegedly failing to treat his condition and leaving the pipe in his abdomen.


McDonough claims her husband’s death has caused her to experience a loss of love, companionship, society, and support and incur medical expenses.


McDonough seeks damages in excess of $450,000, plus costs, from the six-count suit.
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