Wrongful Death Claims for Drownings in NC

swimming accidentsSurviving family members may be able to file a wrongful death claim in North Carolina if their loved one drowns due to another party's negligence. Swimming accidents in North Carolina range from places such as private and public pools, to lakes, rivers, and the ocean. If someone in your family has drowned, here are a few situations where a wrongful death case may be possible:

  • Poor maintenance. Slip-and-falls due to cracks or spillage surrounding a pool, or a property owner failing to install a pool lock both create a risk for serious injury or death.
  • Inadequate supervision. A Carolina Beach drowning accident that occurred two years ago has now resulted in a 2013 North Carolina wrongful death claim against allegedly negligent lifeguards.
  • Careless behavior. A few years ago a North Carolina bride-to-be was at her bachelorette party and one of her friends pushed her into a pool. She suffered a spinal injury in the swimming pool accident and now experiences life-long paralysis. Fortunately, this woman survived, but if her spinal injury was fatal her family could have had grounds for a wrongful death case.
  • Insufficient signage. Last summer a Goldsboro drowning prompted investigations of quicksand after a young boy allegedly "sunk" in. People in the community claim that the park where the accident occurred knew about these dangerous areas and failed to install signs. A wrongful death case may be difficult in this situation because the park where the accident occurred has everyone sign a waiver.

Not every person in a swimming accident dies. Sometimes individuals survive and are perfectly healthy, other times people survive with long-term disabilities. Some of the health problems they may face are cognitive impairments due to lack of oxygen, or paralysis caused by brain or spinal trauma. Check with our North Carolina personal injury lawyers for a no-cost case evaluation to learn about the compensation available to you.

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