A woman was seriously injured after attempting to separate two fighting dogs in Wrightsville Beach last weekend. Jamie Lee of Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, suffered cuts to her hands, arms, and back of her head after trying to separate her un-neutered Great Dane and a friend's male pit bull. The two dogs had a history of fighting each other and were only put together after those present had consumed alcohol. The owner of the pit bull was away for the weekend and had entrusted his roommate to care for the dog.

Wrightsville Beach Mayor Stephen Whalen and the town board of aldermen conducted a hearing at which they designated the pit bull to be dangerous. This means that the dogs must be muzzled and leashed when away from the owners property and must be in an enclosed space when not attended. The owner argued that he was not at home during the dog fight and dog attack, but the panel said that he had been left his dog with an unfit person.
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