Workplace Review After Death on Blue Ridge Parkway

The lawnmower accident that killed park worker Dana Bruce has prompted a series of investigations. Bruce was driving a zero-turn Gravely Promaster 260Z riding mower when he fell off an embankment and crashed to his death on the rocks below. Since Bruce’s death, 51 mowers have been removed from service along the Blue Ridge Parkway until new regulations or removals are decided.


Mowing maintenance has been on hold at all national parks since Bruce’s death and won’t start again until the National Park Service completes a risk assessment, reviews mowing operations for staff, creates a mowing checklist, and trains park staff on all procedures.


Workplace safety is a popular topic in North Carolina. Agricultural workers are at the highest risk of on-the-job injuries. As with serious federal employee occupational hazards, an OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) representative to visit, photograph and analyze the accident site to see if any violations were made.


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