Workplace Injuries Eligible for Workers’ Comp in North Carolina

Diseases and injuries caused by a work environment sometimes happen gradually, but affect an employee for the rest of their life.


How do you know if your work-related injury is eligible for NC workers’ compensation benefits? A NC workers’ comp attorney at Brent Adams & Associates can quickly review your case and explain if and how the benefits apply to your injury. Even pre-existing conditions are covered if the workplace environment induces or aggravates the condition. If you’re just starting the workers’ comp process and are learning as much as you can about North Carolina’s workers’ comp system, keep reading about the eligible injuries below and order a free copy of injury attorney Brent Adam’s book: How to Get Top Dollar for Your Workers’ Compensation Claim.


You may receive workers' comp benefits in NC if you have:


  • Back injuries
  • Repetitive-stress injuries (carpal-tunnel syndrome)
  • Psychological harm coverage vary in each state) 
  • Reactions to substances in the workplace
  • Wounds that were caused/infected due to a workplace environment


Construction sites, warehouse jobs and agriculture are the top workplaces for on-the-job accidents. Workers’ comp is governed by complicated laws; meet with a NC workers’ comp attorney so that you receive all the benefits you’re entitled to.

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