In spite of the fact that his employer has offered to pay him benefits, a man has still filed suit against his employer, alleging that he is entitled to additional benefits after he suffered personal injuries while working.


According to the suit filed on July 8 in Illinois’ Madison County Circuit Court by Robert Vandygriff, he claims he should receive at least $45 in maintenance per day for injuries he suffered on July 20 while working on Barge BB-1, owned by defendant National Maintenance and Repair.


The suit says that Vandygriff suffered a closed head injury, facial lacerations, and neck and back injuries after he was struck on the head by a large metal ball attached to a crane that suddenly fell.


Vandygriff claims that in addition to his injuries, the accident caused him to lose wages and earning capacity, experience physical pain and mental suffering, incur medical expenses, and suffer disability.


Though his employer has already provided him with medical expenses and other interim benefits, Vandygriff claims he is entitled to additional benefits. However, he does admit that the company is entitled to a credit for costs it has already paid.


The suit alleges negligence on the part of National Maintenance for failure to provide adequate training for employees, failure to inspect the work area for hazards, and failure to provide safe tools equipment, and supervision.


Vandygriff seeks unspecified damages from the three-count suit.
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