Seth Nyakango, a laborer from Galveston, Texas, has filed a personal injury suit in Galveston County District Court, claiming that a crane dropped a dock hose on the fingers on his left hand a year ago and he now seeks $75,000 in damages from his employer.

He filed the suit on December 9, naming LBC Houston LP and co-worker Ryan Lee, of La Porte, Texas, as defendants.

Nyakango alleges that the defendants were unsuccessful in protecting him from harm while working in the vicinity of the crane in September of 2007. Court documents say that the incident causing the injury was the direct result of their negligence.

According to court papers, on September 22, 2007, Lee was operating a crane that was holding a dock hose to connect, but dropped it too fast, crushing the fingers on Nyakango’s left hand.

Nyakango claims that he has suffered physical pain and mental anguish and will continue to do so as a result of his injuries. He also claims that his injuries has caused him to lose his employment, which has led to a loss of wages and earning capacity.

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