A man from Harris County, Texas has filed a personal injury suit against JE Merit Constructors and one of its employees, claiming that his hand was crushed due to a strap that was “the wrong color.”

According to the suit he filed against Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based Jacobs Engineering, doing business as JE Merit Constructors, in Texas’ Jefferson County District Court on January 26, Ron Cushing attempted to fix a strap on November 3 that was “supposed to be red but was instead green.”

According to the suit, the strap was too short and became jammed. Cushing turned around and attempted to fix the strap with his hand, causing it to be crushed.

Cushing claims that the incident caused him to suffer life-threatening injuries which required immediate medical treatment and care in addition to suffering from physical pain, disability and mental anguish. He also claims he was physical impaired and disfigured, lost wages, and incurred medical expenses.

The suit alleges negligence on the part of JE Merit Constructors employee Russell D. Nolte for failure to inspect the strap on the beams prior to its placement. The suit refers to Nolte as “plant manager,” but does not specify what facility he managed or why the proceedings were filed in Jefferson County.

The suit alleges negligence on the part of JE Merit Constructors through Nolte and also for its supervision, training, entrustment, hiring, and retention of Nolte.

Cushing seeks unspecified damages, plus costs.

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