Police in Fargo, North Dakota say that a 51-year-old woman was sent to the emergency room for the personal injuries she suffered when she was bitten on the face when she bent down to pet a stranger’s dog on June 8.


Sgt. Mark Lykken said that the victim said that she was smoking a cigarette outside the Bismarck Tavern around 8:30 p.m. when a woman with two dogs walked by.


According to what the victim told police, she bent down to pet the larger of the two dogs, but the dog bit her in the face. She received ambulance transport to MeritCare Hospital with an apparent bite to the face, according to Lykken.


However, the owner of the dogs says that when the victim bent down to pet the dog, it did not bite her face, it merely scratched her.


Lykken said that police would check the dog’s shots record, but they appear to be current. He also issued a reminder to always ask the owner’s permission before petting a dog.

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