Woman Sues Dog Owner And Obedience School Over Bite

Last year, a woman sustained personal injuries after being bitten by a pit bull owned by a Chicago, Illinois man at the Alsip school, a Canine Obedience School. Now the woman has filed suit against the owner of the dog and the school, alleging that they didn’t do enough to prevent the attack or take the proper response.

Kelly Wirtz, an Oak Law, Illinois resident, still has a scar from the 37 stitches required for the injury she received after being bitten by the dog. She said her husband had to continually punch the dog’s head before it would release her and that she was fortunate it wasn’t worse.

Jim Wirtz was at the school with the family’s dog, Peyton, and Kelly Wirtz was there to observe. Just before the class was about to start, she brought the dog a toy.

As Wirtz was walking in front of the row of dogs, she said the leashed pit bull lunged at her and began biting her.

The owner of the dog school of 25 years, Darryl Tabor, said the incident was the first biting they’ve had in decades. He blamed it on Wirtz, saying it occurred because she “walked right in front of the pit bull.”

Wirtz’s attorney disagreed, saying Robert Brazel, the dog’s owner, should have controlled it better and that the facility was also negligent. She seeks damages in excess of $30,000.
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