A woman has filed a personal injury suit over a slip and fall that caused her to suffer injuries while shopping at a Shop N’ Save and that a tire rut on a piece of produce is the proof of the store’s negligence.

According to the suit filed in Illinois’ Madison County Circuit Court by Janis Pistolis on February 24, she was a customer at the Shop N’ Save on July 11, 2007, when a piece of produce left on the floor caused her to slip and fall.

According to the suit, the store should have known the produce was there, as a grocery cart tire rut had already marred the produce on which she slipped.

Pistolis claims the fall caused her to experience pain, suffering, disability, and medical costs.

The suit alleges negligence on the part of Shop N’ Save for failure to exercise reasonable care for her protection, failure to stack the produce in a stable manner, failure to properly train employees to remove fallen produce from the floor, and failure to warn.

Pistolis seeks damages in excess of $100,000.
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