Defective Seat Belts Allegedly Cause Daughter's Death

seat belt injuryA mother filed a wrongful death suit against General Motors, claiming that the fatal personal injuries her daughter suffered were the result of defective seat belts.


Patricia Seals filed suit against GM in the Beaumont Division of the Eastern District of Texas on April 7 on behalf of herself and her deceased daughter, Karen Beth Seals, seeking damages in excess of $75,000.


According to the claim, Karen Seals was a front seat passenger in a 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier that was involved in a June 13, 2008 collision.


The suit claims that Seals was using the available seat belt restraint, but the collision caused the webbing of the restraint system to rip, which left her unrestrained. Her mother claims that the seat belt failure was the proximate cause of the serious injuries she suffered in the collision and her death, which was caused by those injuries.


Patricia Seals claims that the vehicle, including the restraint system, was not properly designed to provide protection or restraint in a crash. The suit also says GM was negligent in its failure to properly test the vehicle and its components to ensure that occupants would be protected.


Patricia Seals seeks damages for the lost parent-child relationship, past and future emotional pain and suffering, medical and funeral costs, lost wages, and lost household services. She also seeks damages for the suffering her daughter endured between the time of her collision and the time of her death.

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