Police say that on June 27, a woman from Abilene, Texas received hospital transport for the personal injuries she suffered after being bitten on the face by an unknown breed of dog.

According to Kimberly Whitley, a friend of the victim, Victoria Hindman, she suffered a bite to the cheek, which left her with a four- to five-inch gash.

Police say that the details of the attack were unclear due to Hindman’s injury rendering her unable to talk to officers at the scene. Abilene Police Officer Coby Wright says she also may have been in shock.

According to what paramedics told Wright, Hindman would likely require at least four stitches to close the wound on her cheek.

On the day of the attack, Whitley had brought her children to Hindman’s home because one of Hindman’s dogs had just given birth. Police say they do not believe either of Hindman’s dogs attacked her because both were secured on chains in front of the house.

Children in the area, including Whitney’s children, said that a neighbor’s dog, possibly a wolf mix, was responsible for the attack. However, when police question the animal’s owner, they were told that the dog had been securely tied up and wouldn’t have attacked unless Hindman had entered his yard.

Wright said it is possible that a stray dog was responsible. He said that police and an animal control officer searched the area for some time.

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