Woman in Labor Loses Twins in Car Accident

fatal car accidentA woman pregnant with twins was involved in a car accident near Rowland, North Carolina. The woman, Keisha Locklear of Pembroke, survived, but both babies died as a result of their injuries. The woman's cousin Toni Brooks of Maxton was also pregnant; she did not survive the accident.


Keisha had started going into labor and called Toni. Toni's boyfriend was driving Keisha to the hospital at the time of the accident. Toni and her nephew were also in the vehicle. Investigators found that Toni's boyfriend failed to yield to an oncoming tractor-trailer. The tractor-trailer was unable to stop - and hit the family's vehicle more than 200 feet.
Keisha lost her twins, suffered head injuries, and broken legs. Toni's boyfriend and the nephew survived with serious injuries. Authorities later charged the boyfriend with driving with a revoked license, failure to yield right of way, and misdemeanour death by vehicle.
In an accident case like this where the fault is entirely on the driver, the parties who suffered a loss might be able to pursue compensation for wrongful death, injuries, pain and suffering. It remains to be seen whether the boyfriend had an insurance policy or if there was one attached to the vehicle, but being that his license was revoked he was likely uninsured. In this particular type of situation the surviving family members could pursue the at-fault driver personally. There might be opportunity to make a claim on the owner of the vehicle--local news reports did not reveal ownership details. Another possibility, the injured parties might have active car insurance policies - although the passengers were not driving or at-fault, there could be some compensation possible.


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