Woman Injured By Closing Doors While Exiting Bus

A woman from filed a personal injury suit against a local transit authority after she was allegedly injured while exiting a bus and the driver closed the bus doors on her.

The woman claims that on May 24, while she was exiting the bus at a city terminal, the doors closed before she was able to exit, pinning her. She filed the suit on August 22.

The injured woman alleges negligence on the part of transit company through its failure to provide a safe means of egress onto the bus, closing the door before she was able to clear the threshold, failure to provide assistance to passengers who were exiting the bus, and failure to warn the passengers of the door’s closing. 

She claims that as a result of the incident, she has sustained chest, neck, shoulder, and hand injuries that have caused and continue to cause her pain to her body and mind and incur medical expenses and lost earnings. She seeks damages of less than $50,000 in addition to costs.


This incident took place outside of North Carolina. Our injury attorneys review more details about North Carolina bus accidents here. Victims of bus accidents anywhere should review each possible area of liability. For example, in the above case the victim may want to explore whether or not the mechanism responsible for opening and closing the door had a defect. The manufacturer may be liable if a defect is discovered. Maintenance reports should also be consulted. Perhaps the vehicle or fleet owner (a transit authority in the case above) responsible for repairing and replacing parts on the vehicle neglected routine maintenance or failed to complete required inspections. If you or someone you care about was injured in a bus accident, you should gather as much information as possible. Our injury attorneys offer free case evaluations. Schedule a consult with one of our attorneys by contacting our firm here or calling 877-BRENT-ADAMS.

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