A 52-year-old woman from Solsberry, Indiana was hospitalized on the morning of January 2 for the personal injuries she suffered in a vicious attack by a neighbor’s pit bull dog.


The attack continued until Greene County Sheriff’s Reserve Deputy Jeffery Payton arrived at the scene and killed the dog.


The victim, Rhonda Patton, received emergency medical treatment by Greene County Ambulance Service before receiving transport to Bloomington Hospital.


Patton was listed in fair condition as of January 4. Greene County Sheriff’s Deputy Terry L. Wade said that she sustained numerous punctures and bites to her arms, legs, left side of the head, and back.


Apparently, Patton was walking toward the home of a neighbor, Charles Mulvey, when three dogs met and attacked her. Patton was apparently walking toward a neighbor's house when she was met by three dogs and attacked. The attack occurred on his property, but the dog that attacked her was owned by Brandon Artis, who also resides on the property.

I personally knew these dogs and family! The woman attacked had been told to stay off of property multiple times and even was caught two times stealing electricity!! The dogs were not aggressive but when they started scaring these same neighbors they put up a electric shock system. Had she not came onto their property and went in the dark barn where dog was sleeping it more than likely startled him! Blame the trespasser not the animal!
by Knewthefamily August 2, 2015 at 03:08 AM
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