A woman from Beaumont, Texas has filed a personal injury suit after being hit by a car in the parking lot of an H-E-B store. The grocery store and the vehicle’s driver were named as defendants.

On August 4, Charisee Buxie filed the suit in the District Court of Jefferson County, Texas alleging negligence by the store through its failure to have posted warning signs in the parking lot. Justin Moore, the driver of the car that hit her, has also been named as a defendant.

Buxie claims that as she was walking through H-E-B’s parking lot, she was suddenly “violently struck” by a vehicle driven by Moore.

The suit alleges negligence on the part of Moore for his negligent operation of the vehicle and failure to keep a proper lookout.

The suit also alleges negligence on the part of H-E-B through its failure to warn Buxie of the dangerous condition and supervise its premises.

Buxie seeks exemplary damages in addition to damages for past and future mental anguish, loss of earnings, disfigurement, impairment, medical expenses, and loss of household services.

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