A woman has filed a personal injury suit against a driver she claims struck her vehicle from the rear while she was sitting stopped on an interstate.


According to the suit filed on November 18 by Alyssa Whiddon against Joshua Price in Texas’ Jefferson County Circuit Court on October 29, she was stopped in the westbound lanes of Interstate 10 when she was struck from behind by Price, who was driving an F350 truck owned by defendants Epic Communications and MTSI. She said Price failed to control his speed.


Whiddon claims the collision caused her to incur medical expenses and experience physical pain, impairment, and disfigurement, mental anguish, and lost earnings and earning capacity.


The suit alleges negligence on the part of Price for failure to timely apply his brakes, failure to maintain proper control of his vehicle, failure to take proper evasive action, failure to control his speed, failure to maintain a proper lookout, failure to use reasonable care, and failure to remain alert.


Whiddon alleges negligence on the part of Epic and MTSI for failure to provide proper driver training, failure to employ a safe and qualified driver, their entrustment of the vehicle to Price, failure to have a proper accident prevention program in place, and failure to have a proper driver recruitment program in place.


Whiddon seeks unspecified damages.
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