An employee of Fox News has filed suit against the owner of the Manhattan, New York building which houses the company alleging that she suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after sustaining personal injuries from being bitten by bedbugs at work. In addition to the personal injury suit, she has also filed a workers’ compensation suit with News Corp. Through the worker’s comp suit, she will receive compensation for lost wages and medical bills, though workers’ compensation law restricts her from naming her employer as a defendant.

The woman filed a complaint with human resources on three occasions and was ridiculed at work because of the circumstances. Though some may doubt the PTSD diagnosis, which is typically associated with veterans returning from combat, but insect phobias have been known to be a source of great stress, which will often lead to a lingering condition called delusional parasitosis. In this condition, a person believes that he or she is afflicted by insects and can result in the person causing great harm to him or herself and others.

Though you are prevented by workers’ compensation law from filing suit against your employer, if there is a failure to provide a working environment that is safe and comfortable, the employer may be named as the defendant in a premises liability suit.
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