A suit has been filed against Standard Constructors by the widow of a deceased former employee alleging that the company failed to keep him from dying from the personal injuries he sustained while operating a bulldozer.


Sharecka Bowie filed a wrongful death suit in the District Court of Jefferson County, Texas on August 19 on the behalf of her deceased husband Emory Bowie.


Standard Constructors, based out of Nederland, Texas, Caterpillar Inc., the maker of the bulldozer, and Mustang Machinery Co., the bulldozer’s maintenance company, have been named as defendants in the suit.


According to court documents, on August 9, 2007, Bowie was killed while operating a bulldozer at the Motiva refinery in Port Arthur, Texas.


No further details about how the incident took place were given, but a local TV station reported that it happened near the gate inside the plant.


According to the suit, Bowie, 25, was exiting the bulldozer when his foot accidentally pulled the lever and caused the bulldozer to move forward. Sources say the forward movement knocked him off the bulldozer and caused it to run over him.


The suit alleges negligence on the part of Standard Constructors for failure to provide a safe workplace, Caterpillar for manufacturing a bulldozer that was defective, and Mustang Machinery for failure to properly maintain the machine.


Bowie seeks survival damages in addition to damages for her husband’s past and future mental anguish, impairment, lost earnings, medical expenses, and disfigurement.

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