A woman has filed suit alleging that due to repeated spinal surgeries, she has suffered personal injuries in the form of severe infections and has been forced to endure excruciating pain.


According to the suit filed by Janice McDaniel and her husband, William McDaniel, against Lauren Shrontz, executrix of the estate of Dr. Carl E. Shrontz, on February 25 in Texas’ Jefferson County District Court, none of the pain she has endured would have been necessary had she received proper treatment.


The suit says that on December 19, 2008, McDaniel was admitted to Memorial Hermann Baptist Beaumont Hospital, where she underwent treatment by Dr. Shrontz. He told her she had suffered a complete disk collapse of certain segments of her spine.


Dr. Shrontz’s diagnosis led to McDaniel deciding to undergo a multilevel lumbar fusion surgery with implantation of hardware. She now alleges that the surgery should not have been performed. She says the unnecessary surgery has resulted in her having to be hospitalized multiple times and undergo multiple surgeries due to infections that arose.


McDaniel visited a board-certified neurosurgeon after the surgeries and was told that she had not suffered from a complete collapse of portions of her spine, according to the complaint. In fact, she was informed that the majority of her injuries are associated with her diabetes and prior wound infections from spinal surgeries performed by Dr. Shrontz.


McDaniel claims that she has experienced physical pain and impairment, mental anguish, and lost earnings, earning capacity, and consortium.


McDaniel and her husband seek actual profits, in addition to pre- and post-judgment interest at the maximum rate, costs, and other relief the court deems just.
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