A woman from Glen Caron, Illinois has filed suit after she allegedly sustained personal injuries when a Laughlin ambulance collided with her on July 19, 2007. She alleges the driver failed to keep his vehicle under proper control and has filed suit against him and his employer.

According to Joyce Lakes, Brian Brinson, an employee of Laughlin, collided with her in an intersection.


The suit was filed by Lakes on July 10 in the Circuit Court of Madison County, Illinois seeking damages below $50,000.

According to Lakes, Brinson was operating the vehicle within the scope of his employment with Laughlin Ambulance.

Lakes alleges negligence on the part of Brinson through his failure to keep his vehicle under proper control, driving at an excessive speed, failure to brake, steer, or otherwise maneuver the vehicle to avoid a collision, failure to keep a proper lookout, and failure to yield right of way.

Lakes alleges that because of the crash, she sustained extensive personal injuries to her right arm and leg and her back, resulting in a loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering, disability and disfigurement, and medical expenses.

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