An Illinois woman has filed a personal injury suit against a Walgreens in Granite City, Illinois after she was injured from slipping and falling in the store on April 23.

According to a suit filed in the Circuit Court of Madison County, Illinois on May 15, Sharon Robinson is alleging that as she walked near the cosmetics counter and display, she slipped in water, causing her to fall and suffer serious injuries.

According to Robinson, Walgreens was negligent in their failure to have a safe cleaning procedure and removal water from the floor as well as their failure to place visible signs or cones to warn customers that cleaning equipment which caused the floor to be in a wet, dangerous condition had been used.

Robinson alleges that because of the fall, she suffered internal and external injuries to her neck, shoulders, and lower back that caused her pain and suffering. She claims that she is now liable for medical care, lost wages, and sustained a disability. She seeks damages in excess of $50,000 in addition to court costs.

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