An Illinois woman has filed a personal injury suit against Glen-Ed Soccer Club and one of its volunteer coaches, claiming that her 11-year-old daughter sustained injuries to her right arm after she was allowed by the coach to play against a team that consisted of at least one older girl.

Kristen McCarthy’s daughter, Alexis McCarthy, was a member of Gold Rush, an under-11 soccer team. According to her complaint, her daughter was competing in an indoor soccer league on November 26, 2007.

Gold Rush was playing against Glen-Ed Panthers, an under-12 team, when Alexis’ right arm and body were injured, requiring her to receive medical attention, according to the suit.

McCarthy alleges that Christopher Tracy, the coach for Glen-Ed, allowed an ineligible 15-year-old girl to compete on the team and failed to advise her to play in a manner that would not cause harm to come to any other player on the opposing team.

Tracy was also negligence because he concealed the fact that he was allowing a player that was ineligible to play on his team from the opposing team’s coach, parents, and players, according to the suit. McCarthy alleges that Tracy’s actions led to her daughter’s injuries.

The suit also claims negligence on the part of Glen-Ed Soccer Club for its failure to adequately train, control, or supervise Tracy and for hiring him.

McCarthy seeks damages exceeding $150,000 plus costs.

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