The mother of a teenager from Cumberland County has filed suit against the school board, claiming they were negligent by failing to stop bullying that led to an attack in which her son suffered personal injuries that required hospitalization.


According to Debra Arthur’s complaint, on September 12, 2006, her son was attacked after repeatedly being harassed by two of his classmates. All three were assigned to a class for behavioral or emotionally disturbed students at Seventy-First High School.


Arthur says the attack on her son was without provocation and resulted in permanent physical and mental injuries.


According to the complaint, the school’s staff was aware of the repeated harassment and Arthur attempted to remove her son from the class for his safety.


According to policies posted on the Cumberland County Board of Education’s Web site, the board prohibits bullying. Violating that policy could result in suspension or assignment to an alternative program.


Arthur is seeking damages for past and future medical and psychological expenses and has requested a trial by jury.

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