Woman Injured in Bus Accident Sues City

bus accidentsA woman has filed a personal injury suit against the city of Port Arthur, Texas and a Louisiana man, claiming that she sustained personal injuries in a collision involving the bus in which she was riding.


According to the suit filed on November 17 in Jefferson County, Texas District Court, on June 25, Virgie Broussard was a passenger on a city bus in Port Arthur at the time of the bus accident. As the bus was traveling northbound, the driver ignored a red light and drove through an intersection, according to the suit.


At the same time the bus ran the red light and entered the intersection, Broussard alleges the vehicle of Louisiana resident Frank Standley struck the bus.


The complaint states that Broussard incurred medical expenses, physical pain and suffering, and physical impairment due to the crash. She also claims to have suffered disfigurement, mental anguish, and fear of a future disease or condition.


Broussard claims negligence on the part of the city of Port Arthur for hiring the bus driver, Alfred Errol Granger, when it should have known that he was “reckless and incompetent.” She claims negligence on the part of Standley for his failure to turn his vehicle to avoid a collision, failure to remain a safe distance from the bus, driving too fast, failure to apply his brakes, and failure to enter the intersection when it was safe to do so.

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