On June 24, the Supreme Court of Tennessee ruled that a defunct Halls company is not responsible for the personal injuries sustained by a former employee.


In 2004, Lacay Crew filed suit against First Source Furniture Group, doing business as Anderson-Hickey Company. In the suit, she was awarded $25,479 in a workers’ compensation judgment in addition to $150 in discretionary costs in order to cover costs incurred when a state disability form was completed by a physician.


The Special Workers’ Compensation Appeals Panel overturned the judgment. That decision was appealed to the Supreme Court.


In October of 2001, Crew alleged that she was suffering from swelling, tingling, and pain in her hands while employed by Anderson Hickey. Through 2004, she reported symptoms and sought medical attention intermittently. She was diagnosed as suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, underwent a surgical procedure, and was diagnosed as having a 5 percent permanent disability in her upper left hand with numbness in her left ring finger.


Crew believed that her injury was caused by her work at Anderson-Hickey, but the Supreme Court ruled that the evidence didn’t prove that her work was the direct cause.


On January 28, 2002, Crew was permanently laid off from Anderson-Hickey.

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