A court in Orange County, California recently convicted 54-year-old Westminster, California resident Sheri Moody after a mail carrier suffered personal injuries when her dog attacked him.

Moody was originally charged with felony ownership of a vicious animal, but the charge was reduced to a misdemeanor count, which she was convicted of. She has been sentenced to either community service or 30 days in prison in addition to being ordered to pay restitution and placed on three years probation. Her probation forbids her from owning any canines for three years. She is also required to give up a mixed breed Shepard canine she currently owns.

On September 4, 2007, David Carroll was delivering mail to the home of Moody’s neighbor when her pit bull attacked him, leaving him with numerous bites to the face and severe personal injuries. Maggie, the pit bull that attacked him, was later euthanized.

A witness testified that this was not the first incident of Moody owning an aggressive animal. Another pit bull mix owned by her attacked a woman in her home. That woman also testified in the current trial.

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