A woman has filed a personal injury suit alleging that while she was shopping at a Target in December 2007, she was hit in the head by boxes falling from a shelf. She claims that Target employees on the other side of the shopping aisle pushed the large boxes onto her.

The initial claim was filed against Target Corporation by Mystee Bennett on February 12 in Texas’ Bowie County District Court, but on March 31, Target removed the case to the Texarkana federal court of the Eastern District of Texas.

The suit claims that as Bennett was standing in the aisle, several large boxes suddenly fell from the shelves without warning, hitting her on the head. The suit claims employees pushed the boxes off of the shelves from the other side of the aisle.

The suit alleges negligence on the part of Target for allowing a dangerous condition to be created through its failure to use ordinary car on its premises.

Bennett claims the incident caused her to suffer serious, permanent, disfiguring, and disabling injuries and seeks damages for medical costs, physical and mental pain, suffering, and anguish.

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