A woman from Beaumont, Texas has filed suit against a peanut butter manufacturer and a grocery store claiming that a jar of Peter Pan peanut butter caused her personal injury by causing her to fall violently ill two years ago.

According to the suit she filed on January 12 in Texas’ Jefferson County District Court, Melba Hoffpauir purchased a jar of peanut butter on February 10, 2007 that was allegedly contaminated from Market Basket and allegedly fell ill after consuming it.

The suit claims that Hoffpauir went to the hospital complaining of severe abdominal pain and learned that the peanut butter was contaminated.

The suit alleges that Conagra, the peanut butter’s manufacturer, and Market Basket were aware of the contamination from other cases that had previously been reported, but failed to recall it until February 2007.

Hoffpauir claims that eating the peanut butter caused her to suffer extreme physical and mental pain and anguish and lost earning capacity and incur medical expenses.

The suit alleges negligence on the part of both companies for the manufacture and sale of an impure and unsafe product and failure to recall the contaminated peanut butter in a timely manner.

The suit also alleges negligence for failure to warn, failure to manufacture a product that was pure and safe, failure to remove an impure and unsafe product from the market, and sale of an impure product.

Hoffpauir seeks unspecified damages.
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