Woman Claims Paralysis Caused by Car Crash

paralyzing injuriesDoris Woodhouse filed suit individually and on behalf of her child, Darwyn Woodhouse, Jr., against Louise Precht claiming she became paralyzed as a result of the injuries sustained in a vehicle accident.


According to Woodhouse, on August 14, 2007 her son was driving with her as a passenger. Precht was stopped at a stop sign and was attempting to turn on the road the Woodhouses were traveling on when their vehicles collided.


Woodhouse alleges she and her son suffered pain and feelings of disorderliness. Their claim includes injuries to their heads, limbs, and soft tissues in their spines.

Woodhouse also claims that she is now paralyzed in both of her legs, sustained massive abrasions on her face and swelling on the right side of her face and temple, has had a decrease of sensation and motor function to her right lower extremity, has been caused pain in her neck, back, abdomen, head, and shoulder, and has lost earnings and potential earnings as a result of the car accident injuries.

According to her claim, Woodhouse and her son suffered disability and disfigurement in addition to pain and suffering and have incurred medical costs. Woodhouse alleges negligence on the part of Precht for colliding with another vehicle, failing to keep a proper lookout, driving at an excessive speed, failing to decrease in speed to avoid an accident, failing to operate a vehicle with adequate brakes, failing to remain in a single lane, and failing to obey a traffic control device. She seeks damages in excess of $100,000 plus costs of suit.


In cases of paralysis, victims may be filing other claims in addition to an injury claim. The car accident attorneys at Brent Adams may recommend victims consider a disability claim. Our firm has an attorney board-certified in Social Security Disability benefits who can explain how the disability application process works.


Getting an injury claim started in North Carolina is a matter that involves critical deadlines. Depending on the type of injury claim there is a respective statute of limitations that victims should learn about. Personal injury cases, like car accidents, must be initially filed within 3 years of the date of injury. However, if an accident victim died in the crash, be aware that North Carolina wrongful death claims must be filed within 2 years of the date of death. Our attorneys can explain the options available to you during a complimentary case evaluation. Request a case review with our injury attorneys.

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