A woman from Orange County, Texas has filed suit against Flying J Inc., her former employer, alleging that her employment was terminated because she applied for workers’ compensation after sustaining personal injuries from slipping and falling while washing dishes.

The suit was filed in Orange County District Court on September 9 by Avis Carpenter.

According to the suit, in February of 2007, Carpenter began working at the Flying J in Orange, Texas as a multitask employee. The suit alleges that in July of 2007, she slipped and fell while washing dishes.

According to the suit, Carpenter applied for workers’ comp benefits because of the injuries she suffered and was soon able to return to her job, though only on a limited basis. However, in October of 2007, she was fired without reason. She claims that it is because she applied for and received workers’ comp.

Carpenter seeks actual and consequential damages in addition to court costs.

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