A woman has filed a personal injury suit against Wal-Mart Stores, alleging that she was tripped by a “small and inconspicuous” bin that Wal-Mart failed to place warning cones around.


On November 16, Cheryl Knight filed suit in Texas’ Orange County District Court, saying that she was owed a duty by Wal-Mart to keep the aisles clear of merchandise.


Knight says that she was a customer at Wal-Mart on July 23 when she tripped and suffered injuries. She claims the fall was caused by an employee negligently placing a small, opaque storage bin that was close to the same color as the white tiles on the floor in an aisle.


Knight says the bin was “small and inconspicuous,” and there were no warning signs or cones placed around it to notify patrons that it was there.


Knight says that she tripped as she was reaching for an object off a shelf and turned toward her husband. She says the fall caused cartilage in her left knee to tear.


Knight alleges negligence on the part of the defendant for failure to provide a safe shopping area. She seeks damages for past and future mental anguish, impairment, lost earnings, and pain.

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