A woman has filed suit against a store and an ice company, claiming she suffered personal injuries when she slipped and fell on melted ice.

According to the suit Patricia Pope filed against Schnuck Markets and Metro Ice Inc., doing business as Glacier Ice and Mr. J’s Ice Company, on May 1 in Missouri’s St. Clair County Circuit Court, she was at Schnucks Market on June 6, 2007 when she slipped and fell on some water as she was walking through an aisle in the store.

The suit claims that ice had melted on the floor after a Metro Ice employee dropped some while loading bags of ice in the freezer.

The suit claims that after the Metro Ice employee left the store, employees from Schnucks and Metro Ice failed to clean the wet floor, failed to put up signs warning that the floor was wet, failed to warn Pope of the wet floor, and failed to properly inspect the floor.

Pope claims the fall caused her to suffer injuries to her neck, back, spine, arms, elbows, shoulder, torso, knees, legs, right ankle, and right foot. She also claims she suffered a strained right interior cruciate ligament and posterior cruciate ligament.

Pope claims her injuries have caused the use and function of her afflicted body parts to become substantially impaired and that she has incurred medical expenses and has experienced a severely impaired ability to enjoy her normal pursuits in life.

Pope seeks damages exceeding $50,000.

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