A woman claims to have suffered permanent personal injuries to her spinal cord after a doctor at Lin Pain Clinic allegedly failed to properly perform a procedure.

According to the suit she filed on February 23 in Illinois’ Madison County Circuit Court, Barbara Gayle Jasper alleges that Dr. Ei Shun Lin negligently performed a medical procedure on February 26, 2007 that caused her spinal cord and spinal nerve roots to become permanently injured. She also claims chronic regional pain syndrome and permanent severe neuropathic pain.

She also claims to have suffered permanent persistent swelling in her right lower extremity, worsening of arthritis in her lower limbs and hips, significant weakness of her right lower extremity and hip, constant pain and suffering, and disability.

Jasper also alleges that she has experienced disfigurement, lost enjoyment of life, emotional distress, and medical costs.

Jasper’s husband, Terry Lee Jasper, is also a plaintiff in the suit and claims lost consortium and lost wages.

The suit alleges negligence on the part of Lin, Lin Pain Clinic, and Anderson Hospital for failure to adequately determine whether or not Jasper was an appropriate candidate for the trial and implant, failure to offer her an alternative that was less invasive carried a lower risk, failure to obtain adequate confirmed consent, failure to properly place the intrathecal catheter, failure to recognize the need to remove the catheter in a timely manner, and failure to inform Jasper of the reason the injuries occurred.

The suit also alleges negligence on the part of Anderson Hospital for failure to adequately determine Lin’s qualification and capability to perform and appropriate trial and failure to provide Jasper with adequate care and assistance.

The Jaspers seek damages in excess of $300,000, plus costs of suit.

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