A woman from Berkeley County, West Virginia has filed a personal injury suit against a manicure shop after her fingernails allegedly fell off following a manicure she received at the shop.

According to a suit filed in Berkeley Circuit Court on September 9, on September 11, 2006, Penny Young began to feel a burning sensation under her nails only hours after she had acrylic nails applied to all of her fingers at Pro Nails.

Young called the store and informed them of the burning sensation, but she was assured by store owner Julie Le that the sensation was normal and would subside, according to the suit.

According to Young, the burning did not subside and she went to the doctor because they had become black and swollen. However, according to the suit, her nails were unable to be salvaged and all ten of her natural nails fell off of her hands.

Young alleges negligence on the part of Pro Nails for its failure to comply with rules and regulations governing sanitation requirements, failure to employ appropriate procedures, and failure to advise Young that she should seek medical attention once she began to experience the burning sensation. She seeks unspecified damages.

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