A woman from Lawrence County, Ohio has filed suit against Cracker Barrel Old Country Store for the personal injuries her infant daughter sustained from allegedly choking on a piece of plastic found inside soup served by the restaurant.

According to the suit she filed on December 30 in West Virginia’s Cabell Circuit Court, Rachel Lafon was dining at the Cracker Barrel with her husband, Sherman, and their daughter, Alexis, on October 17, 2007 when the incident took place.

The suit says the family ordered soup as an appetizer. However, Lafon says that shortly after feeding her daughter a spoonful of the soup, she became distressed. The suit says that, not knowing what was wrong with their daughter, the family quickly paid their bill and life.

According to the suit, they then went home, where Alexis began vomiting blood. 

Lafon said that she took her daughter to the emergency room at Cabell Huntington Hospital as she was drooling profusely. The suit says the doctors were unable to diagnose the problem.

According to the suit, the child spend three “agonizing” days in the hospital before exploratory surgery was performed, during which a piece of plastic was removed from her throat. Lafon claims it came from the soup her daughter was fed at Cracker Barrel.

The suit alleges that due to the piece of plastic in her throat, Alexis Lafon was forced to undergo a surgical procedure of direct laryngoscopy, esapphagoscopy, and foreign body removal. It also says she still continues to receive follow-up treatment.

Lafon claims that the incident caused her to suffer post-traumatic stress disorder, panic disorder, and other injuries.

The suit alleges negligence on the part of Cracker Barrel for breaching its duty of care to prepare and serve food in a reasonable manner, failure to serve food not containing a foreign body, and failure to serve food fit for human consumption.

The suit alleges that Cracker Barrel has had similar instances in the past, but has done nothing to correct the issue.

Lafon seeks unspecified damages.

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