A woman has filed a personal injury suit against Metro after she slipped on ice.

According to the suit filed by Chastity Alexander on March 10 in Illinois’ St. Clair County Circuit Court, she fell as she was walking on the street beside the ticket kiosk of the Metro Link facility at Southwestern Illinois College in Belleville on January 29.

Alexander claims she suffered injuries to her right ankle from the fall, which she claims was caused by an accumulation of water, snow, and ice that Metro’s employees had failed to remove.

The suit alleges that Alexander’s injuries rendered her sick, sore, lame, disordered, and disabled, caused her head, body, and limb injuries, and become disabled. The suit also claims that she sustained pain and suffering and incurred medical expenses.

The suit alleges negligence on the part of Metro for failure to properly train its employees for adequate snow removal, failure to warn of a dangerous condition, allowing an unnatural accumulation of snow and ice, and failure to remove said accumulated snow and ice.

Alexander seeks damages not exceeding $60,000, plus costs.

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