The mother of a woman from Boone County, West Virginia who was left comatose after the personal injuries she suffered in a 2007 tractor trailer accident has filed suit against West Virginia Steel.

According to the suit Lila Thomas filed individually and on behalf of her daughter, Lori Thomas, on June 12, Lori Thomas was a truck driver for West Virginia Steel when a load of steel she was transporting shifted and came loose from the trailer, injuring her on June 14, 2007. The suit says that she sustained a brain injury that left her incapacitated, comatose, and dependant on constant medical care and nursing services.

The suit faults the company for failing to properly load and secure the load. Lila Thomas alleges that the company acted with “a consciously, subjectively, and deliberately formed intention to produce injuries” suffered by her daughter and says it is liable for her daughter’s “serious, life altering” injuries.

The suit alleges that in addition to being left comatose, the accident caused Lori Thomas to experience tremendous pain and suffering, lost enjoyment of life, and lost ability to engage in any type of activity, incur medical expenses, and lose income.

The suit also claims that due to her injuries being irreversible, Lori Thomas will continue suffering.

Lila Thomas seeks compensatory damages for Lori Thomas’ lost enjoyment of life, life care expenses, pain and suffering, medical costs, lost wages, annoyance and inconvenience, sorrow, and mental anguish in addition to lost solace, society, companionship, comfort, and advice.

Lila Thomas also seeks punitive damages and other economic and non-economic damages, plus costs of suit.

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