A 69-year-old woman was recently surrounded, then attacked by three Rottweiler dogs near Apopka, Florida. Witnesses say they heard screams and then saw the vicious attack take place. They say they came to the woman’s aid and were able to scare the dogs off.

Paramedics arrived on the scene and discovered that the woman had sustained severe personal injuries from dog bites to her legs. She received immediate transport to the Orlando Medical center and was rushed into surgery.


Four officers from animal control responded to the scene and began rounding up the animals. A man who was supposed to have been taking care of the dogs for the owner who was out of town eventually aided in capturing them.


Officers had to give the caretaker a collar for at least one dog. All three were taken into county custody and placed in quarantine for rabies testing.

According to Animal Control Officer Charles Griffin, one of the dogs, named “Roxy,” was declared dangerous in 2007. According to officials, the owner was supposed to take special precautions to ensure that it was no longer a public threat.

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