Woman And Her Dog Attacked By Pit Bull

A woman from Calhoun, Tennessee suffered personal injuries after she and her dog were attacked by a pit bull as she was raking leaves in her yard on February 16.

In the attack, Latoya Burris suffered bites to her legs and arms while her pet border collie suffered several bites to the neck and legs. None of their injuries were severe.

According to McMinn County, Tennessee Deputy Dale Murray, who responded to a call regarding the attack, said that he located the dog near the scene of the incident and talked with the property owner, who said that the dog was a stray that had been living in the area for the past two weeks.

The police report said that the McMinn County Humane Society was called in to retrieve the animal.

According to Humane Society President Stacy Low, dog attacks in McMinn County are on the rise and city and county representatives have been meeting in order to address the problem of strays and free roaming animals.

The state’s laws require all domestic animals to be contained in a fenced in area or kept on some sort of restraint. If a loose animal causes damages, it is the owner’s responsibility.

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