According to police, a 46-year-old Grand Chute, Wisconsin woman sustained personal injuries when a pit bull attacked her while she was riding her bicycle with her dog on a leash shortly before 6:30 p.m. on September 1.


According to Grand Chute police Sgt. Greg Mohr, a pit bull escaped from a nearby home before running into the street and attacking the husky owned by the woman. He said that she dismounted her bike and attempted to separate the dogs when her hands were bitten.


Her neighbors aided her in separating the dogs and provided care for her until an ambulance could arrive and transport her to Appleton Medical Center.


According to police, a couple that lived on the street where the attack occurred was dog sitting for the pit bull and couldn’t provide licensing or vaccination tags. Police say they contacted the owner of the dog, but he was uncooperative.

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