Wolfline Bus Driver Allegedly Dies From Bus Fumes

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An autopsy for Joann Veronica Griggs Sewell, the bus driver who passed away just a few days after she complained of bus fumes, confirmed the cause of death was carbon monoxide poisoning. Not one, but two other bus drivers complained about the fumes on the same bus before Sewell’s shift started.

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Wolfline, the North Carolina State University campus bus system, is customized according to class schedules and is accessible to the public for free. Complaints about strange odors on Wolfline buses surfaced before and after Sewell’s death. A few weeks after Sewell passed away, another Wolfline bus driver, Lisa Feeney, reported strange fumes that were giving her a headache and making her nauseous. Passengers also commented on the fumes. A bus tech came out to inspect the vehicle and didn’t find any problems, only a diesel smell. Earlier that week the bus’ fuel line had been repaired. The bus that allegedly caused Sewell’s death was removed from routes and is not being operated until investigations are complete surrounding Sewell’s death.

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If you or someone you know is working in an environment they believe is hazardous to their health, make sure they take every step necessary to preserve their health. Besides properly documenting a report of the hazard, contact a NC workers’ comp attorney at Brent Adams & Associates 800.849.5931 to schedule a free consultation. Even though carbon monoxide cannot be smelled or seen, dangerous concentrations can accumulate in just a few seconds, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Whether you’re concerned about carbon monoxide poisoning, like what Sewell allegedly passed away from, or if you have other concerns about your workplace’s safety, our NC injury attorneys can help.

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NC workers’ comp and personal injury attorneys with Brent Adams & Associates help injured workers receive benefits for work-related injuries and illness, our NC injury lawyers also help the families of injured workers fight for benefits should their loved one die due to a workplace accident or hazard.
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