According to a witness, a North Carolina state trooper involved in a May crash in which two people suffered fatal personal injuries was not attempting to stop a speeder.


In the accident that took place on Business-85 in Guilford County on May 23, 55-year-old Sandra Allmond and 11-year-old Taylor Strange were killed and Elijah Allmond and Steven Strange were injured.


According to a preliminary report, Allmond turned in front of the cruiser of Trooper J.D. Goodnight. It said that he was in pursuit of another vehicle at the time and had slowed from 120 to 95 mph prior to the collision.


However, according to a witness that spoke with WFMY News 2 in Greensboro over the phone, no pursuit was involved. Johnson said that Goodnight pulled out from behind him, accelerated, and then turned his lights on.


North Carolina Highway Patrol Sgt. Jeff Gordon said that they were not disputing Johnson’s account, but said that part of his account may have been an assumption or simply his perception of the events. Gordon said that Johnson’s statement would be included in the investigation and that the NCHP would look into his claim.


Gordon said that Johnson’s statements would be included in the final report, which is to be released upon completion of the investigation.

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